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If you are suffering from malware or suspicious viruses, it must be a bot, and you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Bots are malicious software that can easily infect your computer systems, workstations, and mobile devices to a great extent. They are used by the hackers to propagate spam, distribute service attacks and conduct a variety of crimes on the internet. Currently, it's true to say that bots are paid less attention than viruses, rootkits, and malware. The trends, however, are changing and researchers report that bots are as dangerous as viruses and computer malware. They can ruin your website and get access to your systems, ruining your site's reputation on the internet. In this regard, Julia Vashneva, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, is going to show you what to do in case bots attacked your site.

Beware of the viruses and bots

It's important to beware of the viruses and bots. Some of them can infect the Windows platforms such as Robots, Sabots, Agobots, Wootbots and Mobots. A few bots can affect your Trojan software and get installed in your computer systems automatically. They create a lot of problems, providing ways for criminals to hack your data and steal your personal information. If you have a large number of bots in your device, the attackers are likely to take over the control of your system, and it may not be possible for you to stop them by the whole.

Just like various forms of viruses and malware, bots are not easy to detect and can cause plenty of problems for your device. If you want to remove them from the computer system, you may follow these four simple steps:

Using the Windows Task Manager

You should consider using the Windows task manager if you are looking for a specific set of applications. If you don't have enough sources to find those applications, you are requested not to download them from the unknown sources as the hackers might infect your computer system in that way.

Scanning your system

The second and one of the most important steps is scanning of your computer system. You must do it to make sure your device remains free of viruses, malware, and bots. Running plenty of antivirus tools is not essential. Instead, you should use only one powerful software and remove the codes with the right tools.

Scanning for open ports

You must scan for vulnerabilities and open ports to stay safe on the inter. Some of the powerful scanning tools are Nessus and QualysGuard, which help you scan both your open and closed ports. Also, you should scan your system for all types of viruses and run an ongoing security scan on a regular basis.

The final step

The last and final step is to test for the bot infections. This can be done by watching the quality of traffic that hits your device. You should install the relevant software only, and try to have access to your Google Analytics dashboard to check if you have started receiving quality hits or not.

These are some emerging and wonderful methodologies that you can stick to in order to get rid of bots and viral infections.

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